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Benefits of ShoeShiner
Learn about the benefits of providing ShoeShiner automatic shoe poilishing machines in your class-A office building as an amenity to your tenants, employees, and visitors.
Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents With Wet Umbrella Bag Dispensers.
Reduce the risk of injuries caused by slip & fall accidents
ZeroLiter Waterless Urinals Review
More information about efficient fixtures in commercial facilities, including the only waterless urinals in the market that actually do not stink.
How Can Slip And Fall Accidents Be Prevented
Reduce the risk of injuries caused by slip & fall accidents
How Do Waterless Urinals Work
Learn how the waterless urinals work and why most of them stink.
Why Menstrual Products Should Be Free
More and more commercial facilities are making period products accessible to all menstruating people at zero cost.
Best Broken Urinal, Toilet & Sink Covers
Learn about the options of covering your out-of-order fixtures or creating social distancing during the pandemic.
History of Shoe Polishing
Learn about the history of shoe shining and the very beginning of this art.
Best PropTech Solutions for Commercial Facilities
Learn about the innovative technologies that are improving operations and facilitating the ease of property management.
Why Should Your Facility Use Fixture Covers?
Learn how your facility can be beautified with the use of out-of-order fixture covers.
10 Ways To Elevate Experience For Tenants & Staff In Your Buildings
Learn how your facility can be improved with enhance amenities and more
How 10 Airports n Canada are Enhancing Hygiene & Elevating the Experience Across their Restrooms.
Learn about 10 Canadian airports that are already elevating the experience in their restrooms and using our out-of-order urinal covers to enhance hygiene.
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