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  • Benefits of ShoeShiner
    Learn about the benefits of providing ShoeShiner automatic shoe poilishing machines in your class-A office building as an amenity to your tenants, employees, and visitors.
  • Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents With Wet Umbrella Bag Dispensers.
    Reduce the risk of injuries caused by slip & fall accidents
  • ZeroLiter Waterless Urinals Review
    More information about efficient fixtures in commercial facilities, including the only waterless urinals in the market that actually do not stink.
  • How Can Slip And Fall Accidents Be Prevented
    Reduce the risk of injuries caused by slip & fall accidents
  • How Do Waterless Urinals Work
    Learn how the waterless urinals work and why most of them stink.
  • Why Menstrual Products Should Be Free
    More and more commercial facilities are making period products accessible to all menstruating people at zero cost.
  • Best Broken Urinal, Toilet & Sink Covers
    Learn about the options of covering your out-of-order fixtures or creating social distancing during the pandemic.
  • History of Shoe Polishing
    Learn about the history of shoe shining and the very beginning of this art.
  • Best PropTech Solutions for Commercial Facilities
    Learn about the innovative technologies that are improving operations and facilitating the ease of property management.
  • Why Should Your Facility Use Fixture Covers?
    Learn how your facility can be beautified with the use of out-of-order fixture covers.
  • 10 Ways To Elevate Experience For Tenants & Staff In Your Buildings
    Learn how your facility can be improved with enhance amenities and more
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