Best Not-In-Service Urinal Covers

If you ever visit any public restroom, you would often notice how the broken or out-of-order fixture - be it a urinal, toilet, or a sink - would be covered either with the atrocious garbage bag or even worse - with a wet floor sign inside the fixture.

Why has it always been done this way?

Simply put - these solutions have always been the most accessible and no alternative existed. Facilities across the world have been sacrificing the look of their washrooms just to cover up an issue with the fixture.

Meet the new way - disposable restroom fixture covers.

Clean, single-use, affordable, and most importantly - beautiful urinal/toilet/sink cover is the most recent innovation in beautifying restrooms.
ZeroLiter - Waterless Urinals That Do Not Stink
Disposable Urinal Covers

Typically, these covers come in rolls of 100 meters and have around 160 applications because each sheet of 30" is separated by perforation and is easily applied onto a fixture.

The backing of each cover has an adhesive that allows for an easy application or installation onto the not-in-service urinal.

Social/Physical Distancing
This product has seen a fantastic success during the pandemic when facilities were asked to implement social distancing rules, even in restrooms. Using the SaniCovers, building operations teams were able to make sure physical distancing is ensured.

Facilities that are already ensuring physical distancing in their restrooms with our urinal covers:

MARCH, 06 / 2022