Single-Slot Umbrella Bag Dispensers

Prevent slip & fall accidents in your facility

Double-Slot Umbrella Bag Stands

Minimize the risks of wet floors

Wet Umbrella Refill Bags

Plain, branded, and biodegradable options
Dispenser Signs
Indicate the intent of the product
How It Works
Simple to use and very intuitive
  • Approach
    Come close to the dispenser with your closed wet umbrella
  • Insert
    Insert the umbrella into the slot from the top
  • Pull
    Pull out the umbrella towards you and it will be wrapped in a bag
As Seen In
Our wet umbrellas bag dispensers can be seen in these safety-conscious facilities.
What Clients Say
Sharing their feedback of the product after an extensive use
  • Even for an organization that launches rockets and explores space, we value keeping our employees & guests safe from slip and fall accidents. A wet umbrella bag dispenser helps us out with that across our facilities.
    Carla M. Bell
    Supply Management Specialist @ NASA
  • Our employees and our customers love using the wet umbrella bag stands, and it has really helped us with keeping our Shoppers DM clean and slip-hazard-free. On top of that, the customer service provided was exemplary, as they were always following up with us to make sure we had no issues.
    Tony Cho
    Store Manager @ Shoppers Drug Mart
  • It has been at least 3-4 years since we've installed DropStopper wet umbrella bag dispensers at the entrances of our high-rise building to help ensure the safety of our floors during rainy days. Tenants, employees, and visitors are wrapping their umbrellas thus eliminating the dripping water on the floors. What a fantastic solution and it should be in every commercial space! As always, Grafov Group's innovative products are meeting & exceeding our facility's needs.
    Olesia Krylova
    Senior Property Administrator @ Menkes Properties
  • Overall, it is much more elevated for our clients and we are loving it. Our mall does something similar in their entrances so it comes naturally to them. The only downside is when umbrellas are not in the holder, clients tend to throw away garbage into the bin.
    Leah Holloway
    Regional Director @ SEPHORA
  • Keeping our guests safe and ensuring they have a positive experience is our top priority. Our wet umbrella bag bagger is just one of the many ways we promote these values.
    Nia Davis
    Guest Services @ Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
  • Trump Hotel Toronto uses the Aquatic umbrella bag stand dispenser to show how much we care about our guests. We love how it helps keep our property safe & clean.
    Mickael C. Damelincourt
    General Manager @ Trump Hotel Toronto
What makes it stand out from the alternatives
The small wheel (single-slot) or wheels (double-slot) allow for an easy transportation of the dispensers around your facility or to simply roll it out when it is raining.
Improved the ease of use due to the wider insert slots. Umbrellas are no longer pumping at the entrance of the slot and no more rolling up the wet umbrellas with your hands.
The new and improved mechanism allows for only a single bag to be disposed of without dragging others with it. No more waste.
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Did You Know?

Slip & fall accidents account for 1 million hospital emergency room visits in North America annually.
The average liability award for a slip & fall injury runs from $60,000 to $100,000 per claim.
It is estimated that workers’ compensation and medical expenses associated with slip & fall accidents cost businesses $70 billion annually.

Source: The National Floor Safety Institute & National Safety Council

Legal Liability:

An occupier may be held liable for slips, trips, and falls if they fail to provide a reasonable standard of care in

keeping their premises from hazards.

The best way to avoid liability is by diligently keeping premises free of hazards. This diligence, in combination with consistent documentation, will be one of the most effective ways to defend your organization against a claim or lawsuit, should one occur.

Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada

Ensure the safety of the floors in your facility and help prevent slip & fall accidents!