Strategic partner to facilities in the commercial real estate industry

GRAFOV GROUP is a strategic partner to facilities in the commercial real estate industry, focusing on providing innovative products & solutions.

We are raising the bar for the industry standards as the top-rated supplier of commercial products. With our solutions, we are striving to simplify your commercial property operations.
Our capable team is available to work with your architects & designers to factor in the products in the floor plans.

Hey, we might screw up once in a blue moon, but being "flawsome" really distinguishes us - we embrace the flaws and remain authentic and transparent.

Helping office towers, hotels, retail, and more procure OS & E (operating supplies & equipment) and FF & E (furniture, fixtures & equipment).

Helping extend the life of your assets with our cost-effective and customizable preventative maintenance programs.

Supporting CRE and FM world with products that enhance the workplace experience.

Ultimate Goal
The ultimate goal is to help you elevate the experience across your facilities and simplify operations for your team.
Problem Finder
Being fully submerged in the industry, we are keeping pulse on the beat of the commercial real estate and this enables us to tell your incoming problems & opportunities.
Adopt + Adapt
Our experience & relationships in the commercial real estate industry allow us to adopt solutions from other successful facilities and adapt them to your building's operations.
Consultant & Collaborator
Our associates are not the salespeople you are used to - they are your trusted advisors and consultative partners that are able to anticipate your requests and work closely with you on applicable solutions. They don't sell products - they sell desired outcomes.
Deep Vs. Wide
Instead of looking for more clients for our work, we look for more work with our clients. We might have fewer customers, but they are the best customers!

We are always striving to make things easier for your property management and operations team. Let us take care of your commercial facility needs and ensure your tenants, employees, and visitors go through elevated experiences while on your premises. What sets us apart is not the quality of our products, but the value of our insight - new ways to help customers to save or make money in ways they didn't even know possible.

Sourcing & Purchasing
With access to products from industry-leading manufacturers, we are able to get the best products & pricing for our large client base.
Vendor Vetting
Verifying qualified vendors to establish continuous relationships and implementation of the vendor of record system.
Discovering innovations and sharing with the clients on what should be their pain points.
Helping facilities understand the needs of their tenants & employees and providing the best outcomes.
Offering unique and valuable perspectives on the commercial real estate & facilities market. Help navigate the alternatives and provide ongoing advice. Help avoid potential landmines and educate on new issues and outcomes.
We are active in these industry associations. Let's connect there!
Charities We Support
Committed to giving back to the communities!
Contact us in any convenient way. We are always open to new ideas and big deeds.